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Fiberwdm, was built in 2011,by Guangzhou Ruid Ele-tech CO., LTD. is a fiber optical product manufacturer and integrated solution provider. Our major products include:CWDM, CWDM, Optical Amplifier EDFA, OEO, 100G SOA, Network packet brokers, Optical Network Taps, Network Adapter, Optical Switch, Optical Transceiver, Optical Fiber Patch Cord, and we also provide the application of the transport solution for your need.

In Fiberwdm, our goal is to provide optical products which have a high level of design quality and production integrity, and have passed stringent testing. As a result of our efforts, our company has received the ISO9001 certificate. Thus, customers can feel confident in purchasing and using our optical products.

In addition to high quality optical communication products, our customers also receive a comprehensive line of services, including customized design, installation, training, lifetime maintenance service, and technical support is available 24/7. Upon request, we can provide product samples, OEM, and ODM services, Fast delivery time is also available.

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