Applications of PON aggregation and reach-extension

Scene description:

In the actual deployment process of PON, there are problems of serious fiber consumption in the trunk line and limited transmission distance, so the PON aggregation and reach-extension platform is designed; the platform can not only achieve a 3R transparent transmission and reach-extension for the single-channel PON service and increase the optical power budget but also aggregate as many as 320-channel PON services on a single fiber for the transmission, which greatly improves the transmission efficiency, realizes the big coverage of PON, significantly saves the optical fiber resources in the trunk line and let the platform be fully compatible with GPON&EPON in the industry.

Scene 1: PON aggregation and reach-extension equipment can be deployed on the trunk line between OLT and ODN so as to improve the power budget of the entire ODN, and it can also be deployed between ODN and ONT so as to extend and expand the branch and drive the network deployment more flexible and convenient.

Scene 2: PON aggregation and reach-extension equipment are deployed between OLT and ODN. It uses a single fiber to aggregate or extend N-channel GPON or EPON services to a side of the ONU, so as to save the construction of intermediate fiber, nodes and equipment rooms, so as to realize the centralized deployment of service equipment (such as OLT), flat network and access surface widening, which is good for the broadband sharing and QoS enhancement.

Highlights in the Solution:

  1. It supports the aggregation and reach-extension of EPON and GPON and the transparent service transmission.
  2. It supports a maximum distance of 60 km for the extension of GPON and a maximum distance of 35 km for the extension of EPON.
  3. It supports 3R (Re-amplifying, Re-shaping, Re-timing) function of the PON service.
  4. It supports the double aggregation and reach-extension application of OTN convergence and WDM, and each channel of OTU2 can multiplex 4-channel EPON or 8-channel GPON. Then, they can be aggregated again through WDM, which can implement the aggregation and transmission of up to 160-channel GPON services or 320-channel EPON services on a single fiber.

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