How to quickly distinguish between optical transceiver and optical transceiver?

July 22 , 2021
Optical transceivers and optical fiber transceivers are both transmission tools that use optical fibers as carriers, and both have the function of photoelectric conversion, also called photoelectric converters. Although the two have the same functions, they are still different in nature, so many people who don’t know may be confused about what is an optical transceiver and what is a transceiver.
Optical transceivers
Although both optical transceivers and transceivers belong to signal transmission equipment, they are quite different in nature, but few people really understand these differences. Most people still use Shenzhen optical transceivers in transceivers, even if they don’t. Those who use it in this way will also feel that there is an alternative between the two.

The difference between optical transceiver and transceiver:

1. Although the transceiver can perform photoelectric conversion, it cannot process data, and it can only connect point-to-point.

2. The optical transceiver can realize multiplexing and demultiplexing of data signals, so it is slightly more powerful in function.

3. There are multiple pairs of E1 lines from the optical transceiver. SDH and PDH optical transceivers are mainly used by telecom operators to provide multi-pair point-to-point data circuits; video optical transceivers are mainly used in security monitoring, remote education, video conferencing and other fields that require high timeliness of video transmission. At the same time, it can Transmission control, switching, voice, Ethernet and other signals to meet the needs of multi-service applications, this is something that the transceiver cannot have.

Well, the above is the introduction of the difference between optical transceivers and fiber transceivers. From a functional point of view, optical transceivers are more durable and smarter than transceivers, so the scope of use of optical transceivers is wider. I hope you can help you after reading this article.
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