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July 16 , 2021

In the previous article, we learned about the first three questions about how to choose a reliable third-party module supplier, mainly from whether to obtain industry certification, whether to provide one-stop service, and whether there is a comprehensive product solution. Then we mainly introduce from the other three aspects below:

Step 4: Whether to provide professional technical support

For some small and medium-sized enterprises, their technical team cannot design network topology or plan network development. Therefore, a qualified optical transceiver supplier that can provide customers with professional technical support to solve network problems may also be the best choice.

Step 5: Is there an efficient storage system?

On the one hand, an efficient warehousing system can ensure that customers receive their goods in time. On the other hand, a large amount of inventory and ultra-fast logistics represent the integration of automated processes and the rapid delivery of products.

Step 6: Whether to respond super fast to customer service

Qualified third-party transceiver suppliers must provide high-quality services to help customers make the right choices, as well as after-sales service to quickly solve problems for customers.


In short, when choosing a reliable third-party transceiver supplier, the first consideration is not price, but the supplier’s technical capabilities and services provided, such as complete technical support, efficient logistics, comprehensive product solutions, and customer satisfaction. Quick response. Therefore, if you want to choose a qualified fiber optic transceiver supplier, please choose a supplier that can at least meet the above qualifications.

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