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  • Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Notice
    June 04, 2024 Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Notice
    Dear Clients,Partners and Colleagues,We are about to usher in the annual Dragon Boat Festival, FIBERWDM wish you the Dragon Boat Festival health, family happiness, all the best!   Please note that our factories and offices will be closed during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday from June 8th (Saturday) to June 10th, 2024 (Monday). Normal business will resume on June 11th (Tuesday).   During the holidays, we will leave the office. If you have any product requirements, you can email us at: We'll deal with it in time.
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  • In May 2024,FiberWDM was invited to enter the Beijing headquarters of JD
    May 11, 2024 In May 2024,FiberWDM was invited to enter the Beijing headquarters of JD
    In May 2024, FiberWDM was invited to participate in the Greater Bay Area Entrepreneurs Co-creation Exchange Conference held at JD headquarters in Beijing. The meeting has established a deeper cooperative relationship between the two sides and promoted the common development of both sides.   FiberWDM is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of optical fiber communication equipment and devices.As a representative of enterprises in the Greater Bay Area, FiberWDM has entered the self-operated store of Jingdong. We will carefully listen to the suggestions and opinions of JD, actively listen to the needs of consumers, and bring more high-quality products to consumers.   In short, FiberWDM will work with JD to continuously explore and innovate, strengthen cooperation, promote the progress of the industry, and provide consumers with better services and products.
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  • Holiday Notice --Qingming Festival
    April 03, 2024 Holiday Notice --Qingming Festival
    Holiday Notice : From April 4th to April 6th, 2024, China will observe the traditional Qingming Festival, also known as Tomb-sweeping Day. This holiday is dedicated to paying respect to our ancestors and the heroic martyrs who sacrificed their lives for China. The entire staff of Fiberwdm wish for world peace and prosperous development. In observance of this holiday, all Ruidong employees are entitled to time off. We urge everyone to take the opportunity to spend time with family, rest, and reflect on the blessings of life. We also remind everyone to obey all traffic regulations and stay safe during the holiday. We hope that this Qingming Festival will not only serve as a moment of remembrance, but also inspire us to carry on the timeless values of love for family, dedication to duty, and commitment to our homeland. Once again, happy Qingming Festival to all. If you have product requirements, you can send us an email: We will deal with it promptly.
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  • Happy Spring Festival
    February 01, 2024 Happy Spring Festival
    Happy Spring Festival ! Spring Festival, also known as Chinese New Year, is a traditional festival that is widely celebrated in China. It is an important time for family reunions, gatherings with friends, and cultural activities. The festival usually lasts for 15 days, and it is also a time for people to take a break from work and enjoy some well-deserved rest. FiberWDM factory will have the holiday from 4th to 18th in February. However , if you have any interest or inquiry in our products ,such as DWDM mux and demux , 100G BIDI transceiver , EDFA , SOA ,OLP, and DWDM transmission solution, please kindly mail me : I would like to wish all optical communication colleagues, friends and customers a happy new year!
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  • what is 10G DWDM ZR module?
    January 23, 2024 what is 10G DWDM ZR module?
    As the internet continues to expand, the need for faster and more reliable data transmission becomes increasingly important. The 10G DWDM ZR module is one such solution to this problem. So, what exactly is the 10G DWDM ZR module? Well, let's break it down. '10G' refers to the module's 10 gigabit per second data transfer rate, 'DWDM' stands for dense wavelength division multiplexing, and 'ZR' stands for zero dispersion shifted fiber. Put simply, the 10G DWDM ZR module allows for the transmission of large amounts of data at high speeds over long distances. With its dense wavelength division multiplexing technology, multiple wavelengths of light can be sent through a single fiber optic cable, increasing bandwidth and allowing for more data to be transmitted. The module's zero dispersion shifted fiber is also crucial, as it ensures that the various wavelengths of light stay together and arrive at their destination at the same time. This greatly reduces the risk of data loss and errors during transmission. One of the main benefits of the 10G DWDM ZR module is its ability to transmit data over distances of up to 80 kilometers without the need for signal regeneration. This means that data can be sent across vast distances without loss of quality or speed, making it ideal for use in telecommunications, data centers, and other large-scale networking applications. In addition to its impressive transmission capabilities, the 10G DWDM ZR module is also highly configurable, with the ability to be tuned to different wavelengths and channel spacings. This allows for greater flexibility and customization when it comes to designing and implementing network solutions. Overall, the 10G DWDM ZR module is a highly advanced and effective solution for high-speed, long-distance data transmission. Its ability to transmit large amounts of data without the need for signal regeneration, combined with its tunable design, makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications in today's fast-paced, data-driven world.
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  • FiberWDM Celebrate China's National Day
    September 28, 2022 FiberWDM Celebrate China's National Day
    Celebrate China's National Day Proud of the motherland, bless the great motherland. FiberWDM all members Celebrate China's National Day ! National Day holiday from October 1st to October 7th. You can contact by email at any time:
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  • Hot Product FWDM , A Kind of Passive Optic WDM
    August 19, 2021 Hot Product FWDM , A Kind of Passive Optic WDM
    FWDM ,made by FiberWDM factory , is a kind of passive optic  WDM , widely used in FTTH/FTTX and CATV . It can help to multiply OLT and CATV signal in one fiber . Low insert loss and good performance . Application: Package type: 1、Steel tube  size 2、ABS box 90*20*10mm 3、Multichannel in 1U rack . 4、Customization
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  •  Fiberwdm and Morgan Stanley joined hands for the first time and achieved a complete success
    July 17, 2021 Fiberwdm and Morgan Stanley joined hands for the first time and achieved a complete success
    Celebrate the Guangzhou Ruid brand Fiberwdm has been recognized by Morgan Stanley and join hands for the first time. Guangzhou Ruid brand equipment was officially put on the shelves on July 12, 2021. The commissioning was completed on the same day, and it passed customer tests and achieved a complete success. Received unanimous praise from customers.
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  • DCM(Dispersion Compensation Module)
    July 05, 2021 DCM(Dispersion Compensation Module)
    FIBERWDM Dispersion Compensation Module (DCM) is designed to fix the form of optical signals that are deformed by chromatic dispersion.  In case of  SM fiber ,it has dispersion at 1550nm(C-band) . When the 1550nm(C-Band) signal transmit too long distance ,it will lead to high error rate , because of the dispersion influence. FIBERWDM DCM feature Dispersion compensation value range is 10-120KM optional. Adapt to standard single mode optical fiber G.652/G655, 1525~1565nm transmission channel. Low insert loss, low polarized mode dispersion. Excellent performance price ratio.
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