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  • 800G OSFP SR8 MM MPO12 Optical Transceiver IB
    800G OSFP SR8 MM MPO12 Optical Transceiver IB
    Features OSFP Serial Optical Interface 8x100G PAM4 retimed 800GAUI-8 electrical interface Dual MPO-12 APC connector and MPO16 APC connector are provided 8 channel VCSEL arrays and 8 channels PIN photo detector arrays Maximum link length of 60m on OM3 or 100m on OM4 OSFP MSA Compliant Hot Pluggable OSFP form factor Compliant to OSFP Module Specification Rev 5.0 Compliant with CMIS 5.2 Support Protocol Compliant with IEEE 802.3db Compliant to IEEE 802.3ck Low Power Consumption Less than 14W in temperature range of 0 to 70℃ Applications 800GBASE-SR8 800G Ethernet Data center
  • 800G OSFP DR8 SM MPO12 Optical Transceiver IB
    800G OSFP DR8 SM MPO12 Optical Transceiver IB
    Features Form Factor: Hot-pluggable OSFP800 form factor Data Rate: Aggregate data rate of 850 Gb/s and Breakout data rate of 106.25 Gb/s Optical Interface: Compliant to 2×400GBASE-DR4 and 8x100GBASE-DR Electrical Interface: Compliant to 2×400GAUI-4 and 8x100GAUI-1 Management Interface: I2C management interface Reach: Up to 500m over MPO/APC single mode fiber Power consumption: 16 W max Operating case temperature: 0 ~ 70 ℃ Power Supply: Single 3.3V power supply Compliance Form Factor: OSFP MSA Rev 5.0  Optical: IEEE802.3cd /IEEE802.3bs  Electrical: IEEE802.3ck  Firmware: CMIS 5.2  Environment: RoHS  Stability: GR-468-CORE Applications 800Gb/s Ethernet  Data Center

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