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  • Optical transport network
    4x400G DCI BOX, 16*100G 1.6T transmission 1U Rack
    Product Features: Max support 16x100G for client side, 8x200G or 4x400G for line side in transmission. Total max is 1.6Tbps(3.2Tbps on bidirectional) in 1U device. Achieve higher transfer capacity through device stacking. Maximum up to 19.2Tbps (200G*96ch@50GHz) or 25.6Tbps (400G*64 75GHz or 400G*48 100GHz) 1U chassis modular design, single board adopts hot-swappable design, supports smooth upgrade, and can flexibly expand or delete services according to needs. Dual power supply, compatible with AC or DC power supply DC-48V. Complete network management protocol: supports WEB, SNMP, CLI, TLI and other network management interfaces. Support dual network management cards, 1+1 network function.
  • 4*100G to 1*400G TMUX board
    4x100G QSFP28 to 1x400G CFP2 DCO TMUX board FW841
    Product Features The single board supports 4*100G to 1*400G coherent transmission, which can realize single-channel 400G line-side transmission. The wavelength is adjustable, supporting up to 400G 75GHz * 64 waves or 400G*100Ghz 48 waves, 200G 50GHz * 96 waves. With flexible coherent modulation technology: DP-16QAM, DP-8QAM, DP-QPSK. Multiple FEC error correction technologies: oFEC, CFEC, SCFEC, SDFEC. Support flexible service access functions: 100GE, 100GE KR4, OTU4 and 100G FlexE. Support perfect performance monitoring and statistical functions. Supports Ethernet RMON performance statistics, LLDP monitoring, constellation diagram monitoring, DM delay and PRBS detection functions, OTN PM and SM performance statistics and other functions. Supports real-time monitoring of high-precision board temperature, voltage, current and power consumption. The client side supports multiple module interface types: 100GSR4/CWDM4/LR4/PSM4. Support unified network management platform, network management methods SNMP, CLI, Web, NMS (graphical interface).
  • 400G DCI Box Network management Control Board FW8N
    400G DCI Box Network management Control Board FW8N
    Product Features: Hot-swap and software and hardware watchdog functions: to ensure the reliability, controllability and credibility of the network management. Support online upgrade: online upgrade can be realized locally or remotely without affecting the functions of service boards. Complete network management platform: supports multiple network management platforms, and the network management methods include SNMP, CLI, Web, NMS (graphical interface) . Abundant network management interfaces: provide 2*SFP and 2*RJ45 management interfaces and a local interface (TYPE-C port). Provide powerful multi-level network topology management functions to realize rapid and automatic discovery of network topology and generate intuitive and vivid display graphics. Following the TMN specification, it realizes functions such as device management, monitoring and deployment, software upgrade management, configuration file management, alarm and performance management, and realizes all-round network management from the device level to the network level.
  •  TMUX board
    2*100G QSFP28 to 200G CFP2 TMUX board FW842
    Product Features The board supports two channels of 2*100G to 200G coherent transmission, enabling dual 200G line-side transmission. It has adjustable wavelengths and supports a maximum of two channels of 200G with 75GHz * 64 waves or 200G with 100GHz * 48 waves. It features flexible coherent modulation technologies: DP-16QAM, DP-8QAM, DP-QPSK. It incorporates various FEC error correction technologies: oFEC, CFEC, SCFEC, SDFEC. It supports flexible service access functions: 100GE, 100GE KR4, OTU4, and 100G FlexE. It provides comprehensive performance monitoring and statistical functions. It supports Ethernet RMON performance statistics, DM delay and PRBS detection functions, and OTN PM and SM performance statistics. It supports high-precision real-time monitoring of board temperature, voltage, current, and power consumption. On the client side, it supports various module interface types: 100GSR4/CWDM4/LR4/PSM4. It supports a unified network management platform with SNMP, CLI, Web, NMS (graphical interface), and Netconf Yang model interfaces.

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