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July 16 , 2021

Optical transceivers are an indispensable part of optical fiber communication networks. There are various third-party transceiver suppliers on the market, and the products they provide vary in quality, price, service, and technical support. Today, let fiberwdm introduce you to choose a suitable fiber optic product manufacturer from those aspects.

Step 1: whether to obtain industry certification

When selecting a qualified third-party fiber optic module manufacturer, the quality of the transceiver is the primary consideration. Generally speaking, reliable fiber optic transceiver suppliers are very strict in material selection, manufacturing process and production process. In addition, they can also provide optical transceivers that comply with common industry certifications, such as ISO9001, CE, RoHS, and SGS certificates. In addition, high-quality optical modules must undergo TX/RX signal quality testing, spectrum evaluation testing, reliability and stability testing, and compatibility testing before shipment.

Step 2: Whether to provide one-stop service

At the same time, the services provided by third-party optical module suppliers are also crucial, including product services, technical support, abundant inventory and after-sales service.

Step 3: Is there a comprehensive product solution?

Must choose a third-party transceiver supplier with a comprehensive product solution. This means that third-party module suppliers should not only provide different applications and data rates for different types of transceivers, such as 25G WDM transceivers for 5G, 100G QSFP28 modules used in data centers, or customized transceivers for special needs , And should also provide other network equipment and components, such as Ethernet switches, optical fiber cables, copper cables, etc., to meet different network applications. Therefore, suppliers with comprehensive product solutions can provide one-stop services and solutions to save your network budget and human resources.

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