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May 27 , 2021

The optical fiber transceiver is an Ethernet transmission media conversion unit that exchanges short-distance twisted-pair electrical signals and long-distance optical signals. It is also called a photoelectric converter in many places. The product is generally used in the actual network environment where the Ethernet cable cannot cover and the optical fiber must be used to extend the transmission distance, and is usually positioned in the access layer application of the broadband metropolitan area network; at the same time, it helps to connect the last mile line of the optical fiber to the metropolitan area. The Internet and the outer network also played a huge role.

Since the maximum transmission distance of the network cable (twisted pair) we often use has great limitations, the maximum transmission distance of the general twisted pair is 100 meters. Therefore, when we are laying out larger networks, we have to use relay equipment. Of course, other types of lines are used for transmission. Optical fiber is a good choice. The transmission distance of optical fiber is very long. Generally speaking, the transmission distance of single-mode fiber is more than 10 kilometers, and the transmission distance of multi-mode fiber can reach up to 2 kilometers.

100g optical transceiver

When using optical fibers, we often use optical fiber transceivers: the role of optical fiber transceivers is to convert between optical signals and electrical signals. The optical signal is input from the optical port, and the electrical signal is output from the electrical port (common RJ45 crystal head interface), and vice versa. The process is roughly as follows: the electrical signal is converted into an optical signal, transmitted through the optical fiber, and then the optical signal is converted into an electrical signal at the other end, and then connected to routers, switches and other equipment.

Fiber optic transceivers are generally used in pairs. For example, the optical fiber transceiver (maybe other equipment) in the computer room of the operator (Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom) and the fiber optic transceiver in your home. If you want to build your own LAN with fiber optic transceivers, you must use them in pairs.

The general optical fiber transceiver is the same as the general switch. It can be used when it is plugged in without any configuration. Optical fiber socket, RJ45 crystal plug socket. But pay attention to the transmission and reception of optical fibers, one receiving and one sending, if not, change each other.

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