Specific steps for SFP transceiver replacement

July 30 , 2021

When an optical fiber link fails, the SFP transceiver in the port used to provide the link may need to be replaced. To replace a failed SFP transceiver with a new transceiver received from the CRU or FRU warehouse, use this procedure.

Before the start

Although many components are hot-swappable components, they can only be used when your system is inactive (no I/O operations). If the system is powered on and processing I/O operations, go to the management GUI and perform the corrective procedure. Without performing the correction process, initiating the replacement operation may result in data loss or inaccessibility.

Be careful when replacing the hardware components located at the rear of the system. Do not accidentally touch or unplug any cables that are not covered by the instructions.

About this task Complete the following steps to remove and then replace the SFP transceiver:

Process 1. Carefully determine the physical port connection that failed.

2. Unplug the cable from the SFP.

3. Remove the failed SFP transceiver from its slot. The SFP transceiver may vary depending on the type of network adapter used. Figure 1 shows a typical SFP transceiver.

4. Insert the replacement SFP transceiver into the slot vacated in step

a. Open the lock on the replacement SFP transceiver.

b. Push the new SFP transceiver into the slot until it stops.

c. Close and release the handle.

d. Pull the SFP transceiver gently. If it is installed correctly, it will not move out of the slot.

5. Reconnect the optical cable.

6. Confirm that the error has now been fixed. According to the instructions of the original failure notification, mark the error as corrected, or restart the node.

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