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June 04 , 2021

MEMS Optical Switch is a kind of optical switching technology, which is a micro-electromechanical technology that is widely used in modern technology.

This kind of optical switching is relatively easy to implement, with low insertion loss, low crosstalk, good extinction ratio, low polarization and wavelength-based loss, good adaptability to different environments, low power and control voltage, and a blocking function , The disadvantage is that the exchange speed can only reach the ms level.

In addition to optical switching, MEMS technology can also be used for DGEF (Dynamic Gain Equalization Filter), variable optical attenuator, programmable optical add/drop multiplexing module, dynamic dispersion compensation device, etc.

Extensive applications and continual maturity of technology make the production cost of MEMS expected to be greatly reduced in the near future. This will truly enable the expensive all-optical switching system that can only be used in the backbone communication field to enter the high-performance computer system, and even into the homes of ordinary people.

1XN MEMS Optical Switch

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