Compared with copper cables, what are the advantages of fiber optic cables?

June 16 , 2021

With the further development of the trend of "opting in and out of copper", optical fibers have gradually replaced traditional copper cables and have become the mainstream of network communications. Compared with copper cables, what are the advantages of optical fiber transmission?


Fiber optic cables are more cost-effective than copper wires. By replacing copper wires with optical fibers, both service providers and customers can save a lot of money. Optical fiber has a higher load carrying capacity than copper wire is another advantage. Transmitting more signals at a time without too much interference is of great help to customers.

Flexible, lighter and smaller:

In most urban areas, there is a severe shortage of space. This limited available space is shared by subways, sewers and power lines. They are lighter and smaller, can be installed in crowded and smaller places, and it is easy to transport them to different installation locations. Flexibility is their natural advantage, and it is this personality that allows them to easily pass through every corner.

The signal attenuation is small:

Compared with traditional wires, fiber optic cables can maintain signal strength over long distances. The optical signals transmitted through these cables will not interfere with each other, so you will receive easier and clearer signals.

Use less power:

The signal generator used in fiber optic communication uses less energy, which saves a lot of electricity costs. Since the signals are digital in nature, it is easy for computer networks to select them.


Because optical fiber uses light instead of electricity for signal transmission, fires and electric shocks are ruled out. This makes them safer than traditional wires.

Fiber optic cable(Mpo fiber cable,200G DOC cable) has many functions and benefits, and it has multiple effects for businesses and users. We will continue to provide you with the most comprehensive services.

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