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August 27 , 2021

OTN (Optical Transport Network, Optical Transport Network) is based on WDM (wavelength division multiplexing) technology and introduces SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) powerful operation, maintenance, management and assignment capabilities on the basis of ultra-large transmission capacity. Make up for the lack of functions and maintenance and management overhead of SDH when facing the transport layer.

OTN uses the built-in standard FEC (forward error correction), rich in maintenance and management overhead, and is suitable for large-particle services to access FEC error correction coding, which improves the error performance and increases the optical transmission distance.

Due to the rich service and bandwidth requirements, that is, the requirements for the capacity and performance of the transmission network, OTN manages the electrical and optical domains in a unified manner, which can provide huge transmission capacity, fully transparent end-to-end wavelength connection, and carrier-class protection. The cost, maintenance management, and networking capabilities of the current transmission network have become the main directions of the current transmission network.

OTN supports multiple protocols, such as SONET/SDH, ATM, Ethernet, IP, PDH, FibreChannel, GFP, MPLS, OTN virtual concatenation, ODU multiplexing, etc. It is the ideal basis for future network evolution.

More and more operators around the world have begun to construct a new generation of OTN-based transmission networks, and system manufacturers have also introduced more OTN-enabled products to support the construction of the next generation of transmission networks.

Optical Transmission Network System

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