400G DCI Web Management System

The network management system is a comprehensive web-based platform that handles network information processing. It provides a visual interface to monitor the operational status of devices, quickly locate faulty equipment, and push fault notifications, among other practical functions.

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400G DCI Web Management System

Device Status Viewing:

View the status information of the boards.

View the optical power information of the boards.

View the operational status of the boards.

View the status of the optical modules.

Alarm Management:

  • Display alarms.
  • Real-time recording of alarms generated by the device.

Security Management:

  • Provide operation permission restrictions for login account roles, allowing allocation of accessible content based on levels to prevent potential malicious disruption of communication order.
  • Provide the ability to add new users and assign new permissions.

Log Management:

  • Real-time recording of host and user login to the software.
  • Real-time recording of host and user operations and content on the web.

Other Functions:

  •  Intuitive view of device operating status.
  • Real-time configuration modification capability.
  • One-click device status view.

Host and Device Connection Diagram

    Connect the "RJ45" interface of the network management card to the switch (personal PC) using an Ethernet cable. The "RJ45" interface indicator light should turn on or blink. If the indicator light does not blink or turn on, it indicates a communication issue with the Ethernet cable, and you need to troubleshoot the connection.

    Once you have confirmed that the device and the personal PC are connected properly via the Ethernet cable, open the IE browser and enter the device's IP address (default IP address: Enter the username and password (default usernames include root, admin, guest, and the corresponding passwords are root@8989, admin@8989, guest@8989) to access the device interface.

    Each network management device has four interfaces for communication, including two optical ports and two electrical ports (newer devices may have three optical ports and two electrical ports). Depending on the type of connection, each network management device can use one network port (optical port) to connect to an upper-level device and another network port (optical port) to connect to a lower-level device. The two network ports (optical ports) facilitate data exchange and expansion connections. Due to the different speeds (100Mbps and 1Gbps) supported by the optical ports, it is necessary to use a 100Mbps network port to connect to a 100Mbps optical port, and a 1Gbps network port to connect to a 1Gbps optical port for communication.

    By daisy-chaining the network management devices using an Ethernet cable (fiber optic cable), you can access all the interconnected devices. However, it is important to ensure that there are no loops in the final connection, as this could lead to network failure.

    The diagram below illustrates the wiring connections, where blue (or red) represents the Ethernet cable and yellow represents the fiber optic cable.

Figure 1-1: Schematic diagram of Ethernet port connections for a 4U device.

Figure 1-2: Schematic diagram of optical port connections for a 4U device.

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