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Fiberwdm Active DWDM system

Jun 21, 2021

Fiberwdm Active DWDM system is built from transponders , providing full optical demarcation point agnostic to the routers , switches and ADMs within the network . Fiberwdm Active DWDM offers a way to transport large amounts of data between sites in a data center interconnect setting.The transponder takes the outputs of the SAN or IP switch format , usually in a short wave 850nm or long wave 1310nm format, and converts them through an optical-electrical-optical(OEO) DWDM conversion, in long-haul DWDM networks , several EDFAs are installed sequentially in the line . The number of amplifiers in one section is determined by the fiber cable type , channel count,data transmission rate of each channel,and permissible OSNR value.

Fiberwdm Active DWDM

Besides ,the maximum transmission distance of the active DWDM system also depends on the influence of chromatic dispersion--the distortion of transmitted signal impulses .When designing a DWDM network project, permissible values of chromatic dispersion for the transceiver should be considered,and ,if necessary,chromatic dispersion compensation modules are included in the line . DCM fixes the form of optical signals that are deformed by chromatic dispersion and compensates for chromatic dispersion in fibers.

Passive DWDM VS. Active DWDM

Choosing passive or active DWDM system depends on your requirements and current setup. Because both of them have pros and cons.

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